Prepare for hanami picnics or spruce up your home with these limited-time offerings at Tabisuru Shintora Market’s store. All of the items are made by craftsmen from the historic Japanese cities of Satsumasendai, Hagi, and Matsuyama – which you can learn more about at Tabisuru Shintora Market’s Winter Edition, on until March 30.

For the Eco Warrior

Bamboo is one of the most successful raw materials in terms of sustainability: it requires little or no pesticides, it grows back quickly, and it needs no irrigation. It also looks amazing when made into tumblers or other drinking vessels, and makes a satisfying sound when liquids are poured into it. These tumblers from Satsumasendai have a fun range of colors, perfect for any occasion.

Bamboo tumbler (black, red, green, or natural) ¥2,376

For the Bag Ladies

Tairyobata (also known as tairyoki) are flags traditionally used by fishermen in Hagi to signify big catches. These days, they’re primarily for ceremonial decoration and events – and to showcase your big shopping catch. Made from 100% cotton.

Eco bag ¥3,240, tote (medium) ¥5,184, tote (large) ¥7,560 

For the Drinks Master

One of the most important aspects of a good hanami party is the drinks. Try Dogo Beer, a refreshing craft beer from Matsuyama to quench your thirst. Or sample a sweet potato shochu from the region that’s famed for it – Kagoshima. If sake serves you better, Hagi’s Iwasaki Brewery makes an excellent sake using clear water and high quality sake rice.

Dogo Beer Kölsch (330ml) ¥562, Rokudaimeyuri sweet potato shochu (720ml) ¥1,532, Choyo Fukumusume Junmai Ginjo Sake (720ml) ¥1,890

For the Rice Lovers

These rice bowls from Matsuyama have slightly thicker edges than other bowls, giving them a sturdy feeling.

Rice bowl (arabesque or ichimatsu designs) ¥2,139 

For the Mt. Fuji Fan

This cypress wood mini tub from Matsuyama is the perfect addition to the onsen and sento lover’s bathroom. Enjoy a view of Mount Fuji every day as you wash yourself.

Mount Fuji wash bowl (plain, blue, or red) ¥8,100

For the Back-to-Schoolers

For this year’s April school start, pick up some sustainable, eco-friendly products from Satsumasendai as part of the kids’ back-to-school kit with these cute notebooks made with bamboo paper.

A4 size notebook, ¥281, B5 size notebook, ¥173

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