Between cracked lips, crepey skin and overall freezing temperatures that leave your body with itchy rashes, winter in Japan is no joke. Add to that the difficulty of finding the perfect product when all the labels at your drugstore are in a language you might not fully grasp yet, and you’ll soon be stuck to a winter indoors, avoiding the cold and slathering on products that don’t have the power to soothe your dry skin. 

One Japanese company has made it its mission to change this. A subsidiary of SHIONOGI Group, Shionogi Healthcare leverages its strong advantages in innovation to develop a powerful new line of skin cream products, putting scientific evidence first.

Simply scan the QR code and the product’s features will be read aloud

Dedicated to the future of healthcare, Shionogi Healthcare continuously assesses and improves their pharmaceuticals. With multilingual labels that can be accessed through a QR code on the product box, Shionogi Healthcare assures an effortless experience — one that won’t have you lost in translation. This service is available in Japanese, English, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, and Vietnamese.

Moisturizing and Brightening: Cinal EXIA White Medical Essence

If you’re battling dry skin, dark spots, or fine wrinkles, you’ll want to add Cinal EXIA White Medical Essence to your everyday routine. Vitamin C derivative and ellagic acid make up the base of this milky essence, reducing melanin production and preventing dark spots and freckles. This cream also contains moisturizing ingredients such as biotin and ceramide and can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles caused by dryness. Other ingredients suppress inflammation and prevent rough skin. What’s more, this power cocktail easily penetrates the skin all the way down to the stratum corneum through the inventive technique of nanocube particles 

With its subtle scent of orange and lavender, derived from essential oils, this essence is also suitable for sensitive skin. It’s free of parabens, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colors and mineral oils.

You can buy Cinal EXIA White Medical Essence through Shionogi Healthcare’s Online Store or Rakuten Shopping.

Improve Your Skin with the Rinderon Vs Series

Struggling with eczema, inflammation or itchy skin could be one of the worst things to experience in wintertime. Skin rashes and other problems are most likely caused by an irritated skin barrier. This can happen from excessive sweating, dryness, exposure to UV and contact with metal. The Rinderon Vs series treats symptoms of rashes, dermatitis and itching efficiently.

The powerful formulas in this lineup are the strongest OTC steroid drugs available and come in the form of an ointment, a cream and a lotion, so you can choose your preferred texture based on the application area and skin condition.

You can buy the Rinderon Vs series through Shionogi Healthcare’s Online Store, Amazon, Lohaco, Yodobashi or Rakuten Shopping. They can also be purchased at various pharmacies and drugstores, which you can find through the shop locator.

Soothe Dry Skin with RD HP Skin Cream

For those in need of a cream to soothe dry skin, look no further than the RD HP Skin Cream. 

What makes this cream so great? It’s an affordable cream with surprising benefits thanks to its high density of Heparinoid, alongside three other active ingredients with moisturizing properties. Heparinoid is a pharmaceutical ingredient that promotes blood circulation to relieve the symptoms of dry skin, locking in moisture where you need it the most. RD HP skin cream has a 0.3 percentage of Heparinoid.

You can buy RD HP Skin Cream through Shionogi Healthcare’s Online Store, Yodobashi or Rakuten Shopping. It can also be purchased at various pharmacies and drugstores, which you can look for through the shop locator.

For a Sustainable Future

Another reason to fall in love with Shionogi Healthcare’s products is the company’s effort to conserve ocean life and reduce waste. From production to customer care, everything Shionogi Healthcare does is committed to improving sustainability according to the international SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) set forth at the United Nations summit. 

In particular, Shionogi Healthcare prides themselves on conserving the richness of the ocean in their Reforesting Kombu Project, working to protect and regenerate natural kelp habitats to improve aquatic life. This project not only sustains life below water but simultaneously increases economic growth and employment in Hokkaido, as well as the regional revitalization of the natural Hakodate area. 

By partnering with wholesalers on sustainable production and consumption methods, Shionogi Healthcare has various initiatives at work to reduce waste of expired, disposed and returned goods. Additionally, their aim to increase plastic-free biomass packaging, made of molded pulp, further commits to the amelioration of the environment by reducing CO2 emissions and saving fossil fuels.

Add Shionogi Healthcare’s products to your basket and ditch that dry winter skin. 

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