Long-established fishing company Taylor Shellfish Farms fishes various shellfish including oysters in Washington, the only state where people can own tidelands. Now Prime 42 by Nebraska Farms is launching a limited-time event in collaboration with Taylor Shellfish Farms between March 18 and May 17.

This marks the first opportunity to eat Taylor Shellfish Farms’ specialities in Japan—and the event features limited dishes!

About Taylor Shellfish Farms:

In 1890, Justin Taylor began farming shellfish in the rich tideland of Washington. Since then, his passion has been passed down to his children and successive generations. It protects the inlet and its water quality to continually provide the best quality shellfish. Taylor Shellfish Farms also values its employees and the community. Presidents Bill and Paul Taylor and their brother-in-law Jeff Pearson have added various items to their product lineup. Their shellfish is well-loved by renowned restaurants and its brand’s restaurants in Seattle and Hong Kong are now popular destinations.

For more information, visit PR TIMES (Japanese only)