If you like your books with a side of fresh air (and snacks), head out to this Picnic & Book event later this spring – when the weather will hopefully be warmer and favourable to afternoons lounging in the park. 

Fine Line Press is a New Zealand-based publisher who mainly focuses on Japan-themed writings. The company originated to work on the memoirs of Japanese author Masuho Fujita, in a book entitled Glimpses of Old Tokyo. In that same vein, the company publishes writers who feel that they can write, especially about their own real experiences, in an alluring, lyrical and delightful way.

If you wish to meet some of the creative minds behind some Japan tales, come to this event to discuss with the authors and have a few toasts. Two of the  featured books are collections of stories from a variety of contributors, and the other one, Japan on Foot, is the account of writer Mary King and her friend Etsuko Shimabukuro who spent sixteen months trekking across Japan for charity.

Whether you wish to find out more about Japanese culture through different perspectives, buy some of those books or even add your name to the list of future contributors, this picnic is a great networking and relaxing opportunity.

Picnic & Book Event (click on link for details and to RSVP)

When: Sunday May 26, from 12:00pm

Where: Yoyogi Park (Take main entrance to Yoyogi Park, near Harajuku Station. Walk straight ahead towards a white archway. Turn gradually to the right on path ending at a lake with fountains. See people around the edge of the lake. If raining, there is a shelter nearby).