With this year’s Golden Week being extra special – and long – we’re finding every excuse to travel more, eat more, and shop more. We’re also obsessed with all things gold. Cue our roundup of gold-infused beauty finds…

Kinka 24K Gold Mask by Kinka Japan

The most luxurious of beauty masks, the 24K gold sheet claims to reverse aging by boosting circulation, reducing impurities and firming the skin. Gold leaf treatments are a popular five-star option at spas but this easy-to-use pack lets you indulge in the decadence right at home.

¥4,860, bihaku-club.jp

On Bright Eye Shadow by Chaya Cosme

This skin-friendly eye shadow is made from organic ingredients and incorporates a square of gold leaf set in the center of the pearly powder. Best applied using your fingertip, this golden gem adds a luxury shimmer to your eye makeup.

¥2,376, www.hakuza.com

Gold Caviar Collagen Plus Eye Cream by Skinfood

For anyone concerned about an aging eye area this luxury moisturizing cream gives a firm feel and lift, instantly creating a thin veil providing a more youthful appearance. In addition to caviar extract and Collagen-Plus, the wrinkle-fighting ingredients also include 24-karat gold flakes to nourish and fortify.

¥6,900, www.skinfood.co.jp

Vintage Gold Color Gel by Nail Labo

Nail Labo offers affordable, high quality, DIY gel-nail kits for use with an LED light (sold separately). One of the brand’s best-selling colors is this timeless matt gold which offers a more elegant and subtle sparkle than typical glitter polish and works perfectly for accent nails or a full set.

¥1,350, www.bynaillabo.com

Touch of Gold Essence by Hakuza

Kanazawa-based brand Hakuza uses only the purest gold leaf in their extensive range of products from foodstuffs to furniture. Their Touch of Gold beauty line continues a centuries-old tradition of using gold on the skin.

¥4,320, www.hakuza.com