If you prefer to keep your feet on the ground, then bundle up and strap on some skates — the Citi Ice Rink in Midtown is the perfect spot for a traditional winter date, gliding on the ice arm-in-arm with your loved one.

At this time of year there is arguably nothing more fun than ice skating. Olympic gold medalist Shizuka Arakawa and US pop singer Josh Groban appear to agree: The duo presented a one-off performance in Roppongi recently, for which Groban provided the music while Arakawa pulled off her trademark tricks.

The backdrop for this special show was Midtown’s Citi Ice Rink, Toyko’s largest skating attraction. You don’t need to be a pro to skate here — first timers and families are more than welcome, but be prepared, the ice can get pretty crowded at peak times.

Construction of the ice rink began early on Dec. 28 just after the Midtown complex’s Christmas decorations were removed. One week (and a million dollars of work) later, the rink was complete. The attraction drew huge numbers of visitors last year, with organizers estimating 32,000 people took to the ice in 2010. With visitor numbers like that, Midtown would have been crazy not to bring it back for another year.

Skating is a great way to relax after shopping in Midtown’s stores or to get the appetite roaring before dropping into one of Roppongi’s many restaurants for a bite to eat. Tickets allow for unlimited time on the ice, so no need to check the clock every few minutes. The evening is probably the best time to go, as the rink is surrounded by stunning illuminations. If you are searching for a romantic spot to take a date, the setting couldn’t be better.

Sadly as this is a seasonal event, it will all be gone by the beginning of March. Eager visitors shouldn’t fret, though, the ice rink is open until 10 pm 7 days a week, so you have plenty of chances to get your skates on before the ice melts.

Tickets: ¥1,500/¥1,000