Here’s a roundup of ways and places to watch the returns coming in for what has been one of the weirder elections the US has ever seen.

Even people who aren’t US citizens have been being inundated with stories about the upcoming election that pits Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump. If you take these two stories for example, people around the world are looking ahead to November 8 with trepidation – and amusement. For people who have been overdosing on political stories, there’s just a strong sense of fatigue and a readiness for all of it to be over.

Here in Japan, the news will be coming in on Wednesday, November 9, and you’ve got plenty of options for staying up to speed with as the data is tallied, and hopes rise and fall. These are a few of them:

FOX: (Suppsedly it will transform into election coverage on Tuesday)
CNN: (Will be available from Tuesday, without a cable subscription needed)

(Download ZenMate for any pesky news sites requiring a US IP address for access:
It’s a free plugin for Chrome and Firefox / Mac and Windows)

Twitter (hosted by Buzzfeed):

LIVE News Stations through YouTube: (All will start broadcasting at 7pm EST) (9am Japan)


LIVE Broadcasts through Facebook: (Also starting from 7pm EST) (9am Japan)
Washington Post:

Many of the news stations are opting to use social media, perhaps with an aim at reaching international audiences – and consumers who have decided to cut the cord; this seems to be a relatively new thing they are trying out for this election (with good reason).

Places Around Tokyo Hosting Live Coverage Events

Tokyo American Club:
The Pink Cow: (Register by Monday! This event is hosted in part by Democrats Abroad:

Hooters and Hard Rock Cafe both open from 11am, and are known for broadcasting political events alongside any games that day.

Also, as a side note, many around the interwebs are suggesting booking a nice hotel for the day, getting room service, calling sick to work, and watching the election on one of the international stations there with good company.

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