Kichijoji is almost always full of new and exciting places and experiences and this month is no exception. You can still find a bunch of new places to check out. Try some delicious canned coffee, colorful fruit sandwiches, meet cute robots and more on your next visit to Kichijoji.


lovot cafe kichijojilovot cafe kichijoji

LOVOT Café — Lunch with interactive companion robots

Lovots are cute companion robots that are designed to make you happy. They have big bright eyes and soft little arms that react to human interaction. Their whole body is warm and heavy and reacts to touch. All Lovots want is to be loved and cuddled.

The newly opened Lovot café in Kichijoji offers visitors a chance to play with these cute little friends. The café serves delicious waffles and specialty coffee made by a trained barista, so all the more reason to come visit.

Currently, visiting the Lovot café is by reservation only. There are three different courses you can book, the most basic one being the A course. It is limited to 70 minutes, costs ¥1,650 including tax and is available only on weekdays.

Where: 2-26-2 Kichijoji Honcho
When: 10am–8pm

blue bottle kichijoji

Blue Bottle Vending Machine — Quality coffee on the go

Blue Bottle Coffee expanded to Japan in 2015 shortly before their acquisition by Nestle. Since then, they have opened 20 shops in the country. Famed for their minimalist design, freshly roasted beans and pour-over method, Blue Bottle is quickly becoming a major name in the coffee world. Blue Bottle recently began opening “quick stands” around Japan to capitalize on Japan’s love of vending machines. One such quick stand has recently opened just outside Parco in Kichijoji. Here you can purchase coffee beans, instant coffee and for a cool ¥600, a 236ml can of Blue Bottle coffee.

Where: 1-5-1 Kichijoji Honcho

Ponteya & United Nature — Fresh fruit sandwiches and more

Ponteya is a fruit sandwich shop based in Kichijoji that sources its fruit from fruit and vegetable producer Maruhachi. United Nature Kichijoji is the company’s fourth location and its first in Tokyo. They have established a collaborative store in Kichijoji Parco that sells a variety of specialty groceries, the highlight being their delicious fruity treats. Fruit sandwiches, ice cream and fruit juices are just some of the products they offer. Be ready for an agonizing choice between the countless varieties of fruit sandwiches. Will you try strawberry, fig, cantaloupe, melon, persimmon, or something else?

Where: 1-5-1 Kichijoji Honcho
When: 10am–8pm

Canelé Et Crème Glacée — Traditional French pastries right by the station

Canelé Et Crème Glacée is a recently opened small store located just outside of the north exit of Kichijoji Station. The name of the store literally means “canelé and ice cream” and that is what they provide. The store specializes in canelé, a small French pastry made with flour, sugar, egg yolk, vanilla and rum. They have a soft custardy inside and a caramelized outside. If you are interested in trying this traditional French pastry, stop by and give one a taste. Do be aware that the shop doesn’t have any dine-in options, so you will have to get your canelé to go.

Where: 1-1-13 Kichijoji Honcho
When: 10:30am–7pm


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Awa to Hakko — Creative and healthy fermented drinks

Awa to Hakko, or bubbles and fermentation in English, is a new pop-up shop selling health-conscious fermented drinks that are said to improve your health and digestion. The shop is only open for a limited time but will extend its business period if it remains popular. The three fermented drinks currently offered are strawberry and amazake, fermented lemonade and fermented kiwi ginger. These tasty beverages don’t use any refined sugar, so they are healthier for your gut.

Where: 2-8-3 Kichijoji Honcho
When: 11am–6pm

Melrose and Morgan – Delicious deli treats straight from London

Melrose and Morgan in Kichijoji is the company’s first location in Japan. They have two shops in London and previously had several pop-up stores here, but this is their first fixed location in the country. Melrose and Morgan is a small grocer and deli that sells quality and flavorful goods at a reasonable price. It’s a little bit out of the way, but their delicious pastries and biscuits make it worthwhile. I recommend the wonderfully savory sausage roll.

Where: 4-10-9 Kichijoji Honcho
When: 11am–6pm


Caliente Vintage Culture – Vintage American clothes and goods

Caliente Vintage Culture is a newly opened vintage clothing store located just outside of Inokashira Park. This spacious location currently sells vintage clothes and some camping gear, but they are planning to expand to sell furniture and other vintage goods too. In addition, there will also be a café in this great location next to the greenery of the park. The shop has a fun atmosphere filled with retro American stuff, so take a visit next time you head to the park.

Where: 1-21 Kichijoji Minamicho
When: 12pm–8pm

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