As the leaves drop off the trees and fall turns into winter, venturing out gets a bit tougher and spending time in the parks and shopping streets isn’t as pleasant. Thankfully, there is a lot going on this month in Kichijoji to get you out from under your kotatsu and into the town. There are several new restaurants including a made-to-order potato chip shop as well as an izakaya that specializes in cartilage, if you are into that. Of course, with the holiday season approaching, there will also be some winter festivities to enjoy.

Food & Drink

Turkish Restaurant Ada

This new Turkish restaurant not only serves kebabs as you’d expect, but also Izmir sandwiches, which basically appears to be the Turkish dish kumru. It consists of grilled cheese, tomato and sausage served on a bun with added chickpea sourdough. So, next time you’re in Kichijoji, why not taste the lesser-known dishes of Turkish cuisine?

Where: 1-10-1 Kichijoji Honcho


The Potato Mania

The Potato Mania takes one of the world’s most humble snacks, the potato chip, and attempts to elevate it by using high quality ingredients cooked from scratch. This allows you to choose between six kinds of potato in addition to several varieties of salt and flavorings to create a chip that matches your preferences. The potatoes taste different and even come in different colors.

When: 11am–6pm
Where: 2-26-2 Kichijoji Honcho


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Gristle Tokyo Izakaya

Gristle Tokyo is a new izakaya that focuses especially on dishes that contain cartilage. While many often avoid eating the cartilage part of the animal, some izakaya like Gristle embrace it. If you are interested in diving into these chewy delicacies, stop by and try some pigs’ ears or shark bones.

When: 5pm–12am
Where: 1-2-1 Kichijoji Honcho

Gluten-Free Sweets at Rizriant

While gluten-free options are becoming quite easy to find around the world, they can still be hard to come by in Japan. Rizriant is helping to change that by offering a range of gluten-free sweets. This shop just moved from Inokashira to Itsukaichi Road in November, so why not give it a visit and try some tarts, cakes, sweets and cookies all without worrying about gluten allergies.

When: 11am–6pm
Where: 1-30-2 Kichijoji Kitamachi


Kyupodo Stationery

Kyupodo is a stationery company that uses letterpress printing. It produces notebooks, letter paper and other paper goods. The art is based on fictional companies, places and people and the designs are always colorful, whimsical and fun.

Letterpress printing isn’t about being efficient or easy, but about taking the time to make things by hand and Kyupodo embraces that. There will be a pop-up store selling this stationery on the second floor of Kichijoji Parco until December 9.

When: Until Dec 9
: 1-5-1 Kichijoji Honcho

Asia Sunshine Market

Asia Sunshine Market is a new Asian food store by Laox. The grocer will have products from China, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam and Thailand. These include a huge variety of snacks, noodles and hard-to-find authentic Asian food ingredients. If you want to try cooking authentic Asian cuisine, this is the store for you.

Hours: 11am–7pm
: 2-2-7, Kichijoji Honcho

Seasonal Events


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Kichijoji Winter Illuminations

Christmas illuminations already started outside of Kichijoji Station on November 11 and will be there until January 10. The Hanako elephant statue there is decorated by artists and the decorations will change weekly. As soon as you get out of the station, go and check it out and you’ll instantly feel the Christmas spirit.

When: Until Jan 10, 2022
Where: 1-15 Kichijoji Honcho

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