Torikizoku Holdings this week announced that it is planning to expand its popular yakitori chain restaurant in Asia. According to the company, brand awareness has increased due to inbound tourism, and it needs to move quickly to capitalize on that. It will begin by opening stores in Taiwan and Hong Kong. In the former, Torikizoku is forming a joint venture with poultry farming and food services company, City Chain Food. The first store is expected to begin operations in July. In the latter, it has struck a franchise chain agreement with food manufacturing and sales firm, Four Seas Mercantile Holdings.  

Plans for Outlets in the US 

“We’ve conducted market research in Taiwan and Hong Kong and have confirmed that we can open Torikizoku there,” a spokesperson for the yakitori chain told Nikkei. “Our aim is to open shops in cooperation with partners that have a strong business foundation.” Torikizoku also announced on Monday that it is preparing to open directly managed stores in the US. It established a subsidiary in Los Angeles in April 2023. The plan had been to open its first overseas outlet there by July 2022, but that was held back due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


torikizoku yakitori skewers

About Torikizoku 

Known for its bright yellow sign and cheap chicken grilled skewers, Torikizoku is one of Japan’s most popular izakaya (traditional style drinking restaurants) chains. It first opened in Osaka in the mid-1980s and now has more than 600 stores throughout the country, operating both directly and through franchises. Every plate is served at the uniform price of ¥328, excluding tax. While Torikizoku serves a variety of dishes, including marinated vegetables, salad and french fries, it is the chicken skewers and cold beer that tends to draw most people in. 

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