Tokyo Piano School, based in Roppongi, provides affordable private piano lessons in English and Japanese for adults and kids in Tokyo. Lessons are available for various levels of mastery, from complete beginners to advanced. Tokyo Piano School helps guide and foster students in a range of different musical styles including classical, pop, jazz and musical theatre. They also prepare students for university and conservatory entrance auditions, music school exams, ABRSM exams, PTNA exams, recitals, and competitions.

Tokyo Piano School’s Response to the Covid-19 crisis

Facing difficulties to recruit new students at the time of the coronavirus outbreak, Tokyo Piano School turned to digital lessons using Zoom, Skype and Facetime for existing and new students. “For parents stuck at home with kids looking for extra-curricular activities, we’d like to offer you an online piano lesson. You just need a keyboard, webcam and/or smartphone,” founder Yamashita says. For more information on the school and how to take a class, see here.

Message from Tokyo Piano School

Tokyo Piano School opened in January of 2019 and due to the high move-in costs for commercial space in Tokyo, the business was slowly reaching a point of breaking even until the first news broke about the coronavirus. We saw several students drop out in fear of traveling to the studio and, even more alarmingly, a significant drop in new student inquiries. The lockdown has forced us to re-evaluate and adapt so we are now offering online piano lessons to our existing students using software like Zoom, Skype and FaceTime. Whilst certainly not as ideal as in-person lessons, this has allowed us to maintain some consistency and momentum with our existing students’ progress. However, we still need new students to signup so we can continue to stay on top of our overheads without going into debt. For those parents stuck at home with their kids looking for extra-curricular activities, we would welcome the opportunity to offer you an online piano lesson. You just need a keyboard, webcam and/or smartphone with camera.” 

— Mayuko Yamashita, Founder, Tokyo Piano School