In preparation for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Tokyo has been going through somewhat of a glow-up. After months of hidden specks of lands scattered throughout the city, the walls are finally coming down to show the latest in new developments.

Miyashita Park has been a staple of the Shibuya neighborhood as a dedicated green space since post-War Japan, at a time when Shibuya wasn’t quite the shopping destination it is today. After many decades, it was time to refresh the space. Scheduled to reopen on June 18, 2020, the new and improved Miyashita Park will not only carry on with the traits we know and love but also provide a new pocket of wide space in the heart of the busy neighborhood.

Spanning over 330 meters in length, this new complex joins a parking lot, an elevated barrier-free park, a few shops and a hotel. The idea behind the rejuvenation of Miyashita Park was to create a pocket of green space in the concrete jungle that will also allow you to take advantage of the beautiful view of the city. Inspired by the Olympic Games, the park will carry on some dedicated sports installations such as a bouldering wall and a skate park accessible to all who wish to engage.

Once divided into a north and south section by Mitake Street – one of the most important streets in Shibuya – the new raised park now provides a safe crossing along. Miyashita Park was also redesigned as a starting point for visitors who might want to wander through the various neighborhoods. After all, staying at the new hotel would mean being only a few minutes away from Shibuya Station, Aoyama and Harajuku – with direct access to Cat Street and Koen Dori.

We have to admit that this project gives a welcome rest from all the new skyscrapers. Instead, this pedestrian network will give visitors and locals alike a chance to take a breather between shopping sprees or simply give one more place to escape the crowds. And if you haven’t yet walked from Shibuya to Harajuku station and back, let Miyashita Park be the reason to do so.

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