As the Summer Olympic Games draw closer, we’ve kicked off our Tokyo 2020 Watch series. This month, we consider Tokyo’s sweltering summer heat, and how you can prepare for watching the games during the country’s hottest months.

Why You Should Be Prepared

The Tokyo 1964 Olympic Games were held in October, as even then the city’s summer heat was notoriously suffocating. 56 years later, and with an average temperature a few degrees higher, the Games will be held in Tokyo’s hottest months of July and August. If you survived this year’s heatwave in Japan, you’ll already know why both athletes and spectators need to be prepared. But here’s a quick summary of the facts…

Heat Hacks

So what’s the best way for athletes and spectators to deal with the sweltering heat that awaits? Here are a few of the measures that Tokyo may put in place for the Olympics, and a few top tips to prevent heatstroke and exhaustion.

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