The Associated Press opened a full-fledged bureau in Myanmar on Saturday, becoming the first international news agency to set up an office in the country since the reformist government loosened restrictions on the media.

The Information Ministry granted the AP permission to open a bureau, in the main city of Yangon, which will be staffed full time by six multi-format journalists, including award-winning correspondent Aye Aye Win.

With the Myanmar bureau, the AP will be able to expand its coverage of the unfolding transition in the once-isolated nation as it emerges from decades of military rule.

“AP has a proud history of reportage from Myanmar, and the new multimedia bureau marks the beginning of an even more robust commitment,” said AP President and CEO Gary Pruitt.

“We hope to build on our efforts and cover the important changes there for many years to come.”

The AP has regularly deployed visiting foreign staff to Myanmar since the nation began opening up two years ago. Foreign journalists were previously given temporary visas and were prohibited from basing themselves permanently in the country. In February, Myanmar rolled out three-month visas for foreign journalists, allowing them to travel to any part of the country.