Somehow, August is already fading away and we’ll waking up to September this weekend, which means – almost – the start of autumn. Although the thermometer indicates otherwise, it’s time to squeeze in the last bit of summer and welcome a much anticipated chilly season. If you did not get the chance to wear your yukata this summer, dig it out of your closet and head out to vibrant Shimokitazawa; this might be the perfect chance.

One of Tokyo’s liveliest areas, bursting with both youth and tradition in every sense, one of the best times to visit is during the Hachiman Shrine Festival. Expect the usual: crowds of people decked out in colourful yukata, fragrant food stalls, a few mikoshi portable shrines, taiko drumming, goldfish scooping and dance performances. The Lion dance (Not sure what it entails, but the name alone is enough to make me get out of my room in this weather). (Vivian Morelli)

What: Kitazawa Hachimangu Matsuri

When: Saturday September 1 – Sunday September 2, from 13:00.

The walk starts from Shimokitazawa station, South Exit (Keio Inokashira line or Odakyu line).

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