Well, yes. Says who? Well, the thousands of people who have already logged in to and voted, while at the same time ranking their favourite points as part of a campaign by ANA to get people coming here.

How do you persuade people that Japan is cool? Well, you show it to them. Marketing strategists – who might just have had the easiest (conceptually) job in the world – have come up with an impressive display of video work and photography, all linked to Facebook and Twitter, and it even has a competitive aspect.

Is Japan Cool, Season 2, is the second installment of ANA’s campaign (which started earlier this year and found that ‘high tech toilets’ were surprisingly high up the of things people associate with the hard-to-pinpoint ‘coolness’ of Japan) and it looks every bit as impressive.

This time, there is a heavy focus on Tokyo, and the slightly more exotic (and inviting at this time of the year) Okinawa.

Churaumi Aquarium tops the charts for Okinawa – viewers ‘vote up’ their favourite aspects with a familiar social media thumbs up – and for Tokyo, at the time of writing, a traditional Japanese guest house just leads the Sky Tree… We’re pretty sure the Gundam statue, currently in number four spot, will make a late dash for the podium. Omotenashi won it last time, in a tight finish with those toilets.

Have a look at the video below or follow this link to the website, where you can vote for your own favourites or, if you like, just look at the pretty pictures. The competitive aspect? Well, ANA are giving away flights to Tokyo. Live in Japan already? Get your friends to log in!