The Japanese boy band Arashi has been active for 20 years now, and even after two decades, they’ve continued to top the charts and set album-selling records. It honestly felt like nothing could stop them, and that they’d be around forever. But on December 31, 2020, one of the most popular musical groups in Asia will suspend their activities and pursue other projects. The Arashi storm will soon be officially gone.


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Fans Say “Oh No” to Ohno’s Decision

The decision to dissolve the band was announced back in January 2019, and while that’s not that long ago, it might as well have happened last century with everything that’s happened since then. So let’s review the initial announcement. The end of Arashi was the idea of the group’s leader Satoshi Ohno who said he wanted “to live freely,” and since the other four members could not imagine an Ohno-less Arashi, they collectively decided that it was time they went their separate ways.

They are leaving on the highest of notes, though, since their fifth greatest hits album, 5×20 All the Best!! 1999–2019, became the #1 bestselling album in the entire world in 2019.

Mitsuyo Asaka Dies Without Revealing Which Prime Minister Was Her Lover

On December 13, actress Mitsuyo Asaka passed away from pancreatic cancer at the age of 92. She was diagnosed back in October, but due to her advanced age, she couldn’t undergo surgery or receive any treatment. She is survived by two sons and a list of scandals longer than her acting resume. 

Asaka started as a child actress before WWII and eventually became well-known in the world of sword-fighting samurai stage plays where she specialized in male parts. She was famous for having a string of lovers, ultimately having a child out of wedlock with one of them. Though she never revealed the father’s identity to anyone, even to her son after he publicly begged her for the information, she did mention that the man eventually became Japan’s prime minister.

This wasn’t the only example of just how strained the relationship between Asaka and her eldest was. The actress didn’t raise her son, leaving that to her maid. She would only meet him occasionally and when she did, he was told to address her as “sensei” instead of “mother.”

Ren Ozawa Fired by His Agency; Will Not Be Missed

Earlier this month, the talent agency representing Ren Ozawa (Kamen Rider Gaim, Real Fake, A3!) officially terminated the actor’s contract after reports came to light that he was, and there’s no other way of putting it, a complete monster.

Ozawa (29) started dating his now ex-girlfriend when he was 23 and she 16. According to her, the last years of their relationship were marked by acts of horrific violence. Ozawa would allegedly beat his partner regularly, especially during intercourse, leaving massive bruises on her arms. Once she got pregnant and refused to have an abortion, Ozawa reportedly started aiming his punches at her abdomen. After a few more months of physical and mental abuse, the unnamed girlfriend attempted suicide but was saved by a friend and finally left Ozawa, whose upcoming appearances have since been canceled. Ozawa hasn’t been arrested since no official charges were ever filed against him. 

Erika Toda’s and Tori Matsuzaka’s Marriage Provides a Much-Needed Palate Cleanser

Erika Toda met Tori Matsuzaka when she was suffering from extreme shyness and anxiety and he was a sex-addict who lied to women about being a surgeon. They had a one-night stand that resulted in a pregnancy, but unfortunately, Matsuzaka did not believe Toda, thinking it was all an April Fool’s joke. Fortunately, this all happened in the movie April Fools (2015) where Toda and Matsuzaka were just playing the main characters.

That experience seems to have brought them together, though, and in early December, they tied the knot and are now happily married.

Translation: Thank you all for all the congratulatory messages! Today, I was at the award ceremony of Biteki Best Beauty Woman Award. Thank you once again! Really, thank you!

Both Toda and Matsuzaka are very prolific performers, with her appearing in such famous productions as Code Blue and Scarlet, and him being the Japanese voice of Paddington Bear and preparing for the live-action Whisper of the Heart sequel. Hopefully, the two will soon find another project to work on together.

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