Welcome to Tokyo in Heels! We are so excited to be starting this blog that we can hardly contain ourselves. But first…introductions. The minx in the red sandals and black polish on the left is Liz, a feisty Australian who couldn’t bring herself to get married in ivory kitten heels so instead invested in the beauties you see above. In the pseudo-conservative spectator pumps is Kelly, an American who buys shoes as souvenirs during her travels and has a story for nearly every pair. Together, we will be fearlessly walking the streets of Tokyo (in heels, of course) and bringing you the weird, wacky and adorable things that make up Japan’s girly subculture. So get ready for sequins, glitter and lots of pink…this blog is all about the glam and the uber-feminine. Check back every Wednesday for your weekly dose of kawaii.

– Liz & Kelly