Ginza Place, the fancy new landmark in the middle of Ginza, will transform into a prime cherry blossom viewing spot next month.

From March 1 to April 22, the building will host an event they’re calling “Ginza Sakura Place 2018.”

Last year’s event attracted over 500,000 visitors, and this year is looking even better. With the cooperation of the Sora Botanical Garden, beautiful cherry blossom trees will decorate four areas of the building. What’s more, these are no replicas: the trees are the real deal, flowering early thanks to some advanced gardening techniques.

In addition, a number of exciting cherry blossom-themed events scheduled at each shop. That includes collecting stamps from various shops to complete cherry blossom designs, and a special exhibit at the Sony Showroom, where you can try your hand at photographing the trees with Sony cameras. Furthermore, Crossing Café on the 2nd floor will offer its “home-made strawberry vinegar soda” which is perfect for spring.

If you’re looking for a place to see the cherry blossoms a bit early, look no further than Ginza Place.

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