Going to a clinic to do a virus test in a foreign country isn’t an ideal situation for anyone, but following the unprecedented Covid-19 spread pandemic, having a place you can stop by to simply check (or prove that) everything is okay with you, is a significant relief. Especially if this place provides multilingual support, fast test-conducting and even a certificate that you don’t have the virus — if you do, you’ll be referenced to a different hospital.

The new website, Clinic Nearme, launched by Inbound Platform, a company that specializes in providing various services to inbound tourists to Japan, provides booking support in English, Chinese and Korean and aims to make the PCR test-taking process easy and efficient for people who don’t have the means or the time — or cannot because of lack of symptoms — to go through the regular process at their local medical facilities. 

Who can benefit from this service?

Foreign residents who want to take the PCR or antibody test but can not do it at their local medical facility, because they don’t have Covid-19 associated symptoms or haven’t been in close contact with a Covid-19 carrier. 

People who lack any symptoms and are confident that they hadn’t contracted the virus but still need a negative Covid-19 certificate for various reasons such as traveling or work, can also benefit from this service. The certificate can be issued in Japanese or English. 

Last but not least, as the website affiliated clinic conducts same-day tests and issues a negative certificate on the following day, this service is especially beneficial for those who need to know the results right away. 

What do I need to do to book a PCR test?

Book your PCR test through the website, pay the bill, answer a short questionnaire about your health and then show up on the day of your appointment. The clinic where you will be taking the test is called T Care Clinic Hamamatsucho and is located in Hamamatsucho, Tokyo. 

The consultation time is from 11:00 to 18:00 on weekdays and same-day examination is possible for reservations made by noon. 

How long does the test take and what do I need to prepare in advance?

The clinic conducts saliva-based PCR tests and blood antibody tests, which will only take 10 minutes of your time. You don’t have to prepare anything before the test, but make sure that you have a valid passport at hand as you will be asked to show it at the reception. You may also be asked to show your Japanese health insurance card, so please carry it with you.

As the PCR test requires taking your saliva, you will be asked to refrain from eating, drinking or smoking for at least 15 minutes before going to the clinic. 

How much does the PCR test cost?

For a PCR test and a negative certificate: ¥28,000 (tax included). For an antibody test: ¥11,000 (tax included). Since this is considered a voluntarily test taking, it is not covered by the health insurance. 

What should I do if I test Covid-19 positive?

The clinic will call you to give you the results and you will be asked not to go to the clinic in person. You will then be referred to your public health center for further instructions on treatment and quarantine procedures. See more details on our Covid-19: What to Do page.

Should I book through this website if I have Covid-19 symptoms?

If you have any Covid-19 symptoms or you have been in close contact with a virus-carrier, you are eligible to be tested for free at your local public health center, so please refer to them first. It will be cheaper for you if you do so. 

Test Clinic Details

T Care Clinic Hamamatsucho 

Address: 2F, 2-13-9 Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo. Map  

Access: 3 minutes walk from JR Hamamatsucho Station and 5 minutes walk from Daimon Station A1 Exit (Toei Asakusa, Toei Oedo Line) 

Please book in advance through the website. For more information, see the service official website here.