A Domino’s Pizza store in Amagasaki city, Hyogo Prefecture, closed for the day on Monday after footage of an employee picking his nose and pretending to wipe it on the pizza dough went viral. The video, which was first posted on the X account of bakusai.com at just after 3pm on February 12, appears to show the man touching his nose with his index finger before wiping the dough with his middle one. Domino’s Pizza Japan posted an apology letter on its official X account that same evening. It also confirmed that the dough was discarded.

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Domino’s Pizza Japan Apology Letter  

According to the company’s release, the inappropriate video was shot by a part-time employee after business hours at around 2am on Monday. “We have confirmed that the dough used in the video was at a stage before fermentation was completed,” read the statement. “The dough had not yet been used, as there was a process of fermentation for 24 hours after this. It was disposed of before being used. In addition, all the dough in the store has been thrown out. Furthermore, the store in question has ceased operations as of February 12.”  

The letter continued, “We are planning to take strict action against the employees involved in this matter in accordance with employment regulations.” The pizza restaurant chain added that legal action is being considered. “We deeply apologize to our customers for any discomfort or inconvenience this may have caused them. From now on, the entire company will do its utmost to prevent a recurrence and restore confidence in Domino’s Pizza Japan.”  

sushi terrorism

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Customers’ Unruly Behavior  

Last year, it was the unruly behavior of customers rather than employees that made headlines in Japan. In January 2023, the term “sushi terrorism” was trending here after a teenager licked the top of a soy sauce bottle and an unused teacup at chain restaurant Sushiro. He also licked his finger to touch some sushi on the conveyor belt. Other videos of customers engaging in unhygienic acts at restaurants for clicks on social media caused outrage and led to some arrests. Last week, a 16-year-old boy was arrested for filming a man licking the lid of a water pitcher at a Yamaokaya ramen restaurant in Kushiro, Hokkaido. 

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