The devastation in northern India left by monsoon floods and landslides could take years to rebuild, a top official said, as the number of deaths climbed to around 1,000.

According to official reports, the death toll from flash floods and landslides triggered by torrential rains in Uttarakhand state could still grow.

Fresh rains hampered search and rescue operations for some 10,000 people, including pilgrims and tourists, still stranded in Uttarakhand after homes, bridges, and roads were washed away. Despite the bad weather, military personnel and volunteers “continued to press ahead with the relief and rescue activities.”

The state’s chief minister, Vijay Bahuguna, said the rescue operation would probably be completed in the next few days, but putting back the pieces of the devastated Himalayan region would take several years, showing the full extent of the disaster.

“We have to rebuild roads, electricity towers and all the basic infrastructure. It will take about 3 years to restore everything,” the minister was quoted by the Press Trust of India as saying.