If you love chocolate which blends European sophistication with Soho cool, look out for New York based chocolatier MarieBelle, which is opening a cafe on a Kyoto high street later this month.

The local touch? Why, of course! A chocolate kimono!

Actually, it seems only the dye is made of chocolate, but the many shades of brown – and white – have patterned and coloured the cherry blossom design perfectly. Back in New York, the company is known for its quirky designs and beautiful packaging, but in collaboration with a local firm who has previously created green tea and apple dyes, this is a first. The cafe will be laden with gifts and treats, but all eyes will surely be on the staff.

The makers said that “a sweet chocolate scent filled the air” as the the fabric was dyed, but unfortunately for the wearer, that doesn’t last. Hopefully, as spring turns to summer, the real cherry blossoms fall from the trees, and the weather heats up, the chocolate dye won’t melt from the fabric.