On August 25, Marunao will add a new location to the list of establishments offering their selection of high-quality utensils, from Japanese hashi chopsticks to Western cutlery. However, unlike the other businesses around the world carrying Marunao goods, the new Aoyama store will be a directly-managed Marunao property, only the second such location in all of Japan.

Coinciding with the company’s 80th anniversary, the Marunao Aoyama will be unveiling new lines of limited goods like their Tabi Suru Hashi (Traveling Chopsticks.) Inspired by four locations around the world, the chopsticks are ebony black with color accents representing their individual inspirations like blue for Aoyama or yellow for Manchester etc. Parts of the new store’s interior design also include an atelier where people will be able to feel how much work goes into each Marunao chopstick, spoon, or fork.

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