Shinjuku’s Kabukicho area has been enjoying a revival of sorts for the last few years. Once known for its connection to organized crime and its many host/hostess clubs, lately it’s been trying to clean up its image and attract more families and foreign tourists. The recently-opened La’gent Hotel Shinjuku Kabukicho aims to capitalize on this growing trend while also bringing a touch of tradition to the area.

Opening on August 1 and located just a nine-minute walk from Shinjuku Station, the new La’gent hotel has 96 rooms, all of which except one are meant for groups of two people or more. This is their way of ensuring that the hotel attracts mainly families and groups of tourists visiting from abroad. That demographic is precisely why the rooms have been decorated with classic ukiyo-e paintings or bonsai trees, as well as more modern manga art. Kabukicho’s La’gent also has its own American-style sports bar, the CAFE & BAR Crospot, which the hotel hopes will serve as a meeting place for all the guests to mingle and experience different cultures.

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