Eating your way to healthy hair and nails provides the building blocks for shiny hair and strong nails, but there’s no harm in giving them an extra boost from the outside. British brand Nails Inc’s colorful nail polishes are all free from parabens, sulfates and phthalates. Not only that, but the company’s new collections Acai Bowl and The Mindful Manicure make it as simple as a brushstroke to feed your nails as well as your soul.

Acai Bowl

This deliciously named series offers not only beautifully bright nails, but also nourishment and protection, thanks to an infusion of superfoods acai, goji, chia, moringa, and cacao. Sounds good enough to eat!  This limited edition set comes with nail colors in four different shades: lavender, bright red, soft pink, and hot pink (¥4,968 for the complete set of four).

The Mindful Manicure

While there is certainly something of a mindful concentration involved when painting one’s nails, this series of nail polishes goes one step further. Infused with real gemstones, these nail colors use electromagnetic properties to enhance your mood, intensify your aura and clear your mind so that you can channel positive energy and heal. That’s pretty impressive for “just” a nail polish!

Whether you believe that the gems have a physical effect or not, resting your eyes on these gorgeous, soothing colors will certainly boost your mood. The nail colors come in four shades, each with a specific purpose and a feel-good name (¥3,024 for per bottle):

And Breathe: An elegant antique rose pearl color that aids in stress relief and positive energy.

Future’s Bright: A bright beige hue with gold pearl elements, to be worn for happiness and heart shielding.

Better Together: This soft pearl pink is worn to enhance personal relationships — both friendships and romantic connections.

Good Vibes Only: This pearlescent top coat purports to enhance the aura.

You can find Nails Inc at their flagship store in So-Cal Link Omotesando, their new Shinjuku Lumine location, or shop the products online at