Muji, the famed producer of household goods, is opening its first-ever Japanese hotel in the heart of Ginza this April 4.

The hotel features 79 total rooms, each of which have been designed to restore travelers in both body and spirit.

The building also features a two restaurants, WA, which features regional home-cooking styles from across Japan, and Muji Diner, which focuses on dishes made with preservative-free ingredients.

There’s also a salon, bakery, library, atelier, and, of course, Muji’s flaghip Ginza store, which occupies the first through sixth floors.

The interior is of the hotel is designed with natural materials like wood, stone and earth, while the common area features paving stones from trolley ways that ran through Tokyo 50 years ago and materials recycled from ship debris.

The hotel does not change prices based on season or weekends, making pricing transparent and simple for its customers.

For more information, visit the official website (English) or PR TIMES (Japanese only)