The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom, the Oscar nominated film directed by Lucy Walker, will be screened by Hands On Tokyo at the International School of the Sacred Heart as part of their effort to raise money for Tohoku.

As March 11 is approaching, we are once again reminded that the Tohoku region still needs support, and organizations like Hands On Tokyo are putting together charity events such as this to raise funds.

The film follows survivors of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami as they prepare for the beginning of cherry blossom season. The viewing will take place at the International School of the Sacred Heart, near Hiroo station, and they’re asking for a simple ¥500 donation from guests.

Hands On Tokyo was founded in December 2006, with a board of directors comprising of both foreign and Japanese who are committed to making volunteer activities more accessible, and aiming to raise the number of volunteers in the Tokyo area.

Hands On Tokyo collaborates with many local organizations to encourage senior citizens, revitalize playgrounds, deliver food to the hungry, support people with visual impairment, inspire children in children’s homes and more.

Hands On Movie Screening 

When: Friday March 8, 18:00

Where: International School of the Sacred Heart

How much: ¥500

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