Following renovation work on their lobby, the Akasaka Excel Hotel Tokyu is set to open a new bar & lounge on April 22. The upcoming relaxation area promises to be an elegant mix of traditional Japanese esthetics and modern comforts.

The hotel is located in the historic Akasaka area, which was known for the lavish homes of powerful samurai and rich merchants during the Edo period. The design of the bar & lounge has taken a lot of inspiration from that part of Japanese history, notably in the form of their calming, latticework wooden motifs. Combined with all the comforts of the 21st century, the renovated area of the Tokyu hotel will surely become known as the very embodiment of the “Japanese modern” style.

The bar & lounge will be available to guests between 10 AM and midnight.

For more information, please visit the PR TIMES (Japanese only)