Envisioned as a teahouse that you can stay at, the minimalistic hotel zen tokyo offers travelers a relaxing and reflective stay in the very heart of Tokyo. Though technically a capsule hotel, zen tokyo boasts the biggest capsule sizes in all of Japan with high ceilings, semi double beds, and even tatami straw mats in over half of their rooms. With all that it has to offer, many guests feel like never leaving the hotel. And with their recently-introduced extended-stay plan, they don’t have to.

Under the current plan, guests can rent capsule rooms by the month with exciting rebates. A stay over 30 days gets you 20% cash back, a stay over 60 days 30% cash back, and a stay over 100 days nets you 40% cash back. An offer of this kind does not come around often.

For more information, visit the PR TIMES (Japanese only).