After 5 months away I have returned to Tokyo before heading west into SE Asia.
I am struck by the contrasts in living between Tokyo and Victoria.
Not surprisingly, everything in Tokyo life is amped…
The sheer number of bike commuters in Tokyo is amazing (an essential form of transport).
Rubbish. Oh -the packaging! Outside of drink bottles, the recycling falls into burnable and non-burnable a stark contrast to the endless separation of paper, newspaper, plastic, glass, tin… in Victoria.
Work- Life balance?! Finishing work at 4:30pm to meet friends or go to the gym- forget it… that happens at 9!
Why travel to Europe when you get the finest French and Italian cuisine here in Tokyo!
Choices! Choices! Choices! Where else can you choose from 1000 different styles of cell phones, iTouch covers and paper day planners!
Always be prepared – brollies rule supreme in Japan (to the sum of 130 million + sold annually).
The love of small things, including “pocket dogs” (seasonal wardrobe included).

These are just a few of the things that makes Tokyo infinitely fascinating.