In anticipation of what many are calling the biggest typhoon of the season, Tokyoites and Tokyo area residents are bracing themselves for incredibly strong winds and expected power and water shortages. Various events and venues are closing their doors during the storm, and this morning Tokyo’s many railway companies have announced the suspension of their services on Saturday, October 12.

JR East

All shinkansen departures have been canceled for Saturday. JR trains in and around Tokyo will significantly reduce traffic from 9am in hopes to clear the tracks by 1pm.


All Keikyu lines are scheduled to cease operations by 2pm on October 12.

Keio Railways

All Keio lines are scheduled will cease operations by 2pm on October 12.

Odakyu Railways

All Odakyu lines will cease operations by 3pm on October 12. Lines with direct connections to other companies like the Chiyoda line will not be in service.

Tokyo Bureau of Transportation

Toei Subways and other operations under the Tokyo Bureau of Transportation will cease by 2pm on October 12.

Tokyo Metro

All Tokyo Metro lines will significantly reduce traffic between 9am in the hopes to clear the tracks by 1pm.

Tokyu Railways

All Tokyu lines are scheduled to cease operations by 9:30am on October 12.

Seibu Railways

All Seibu lines are scheduled to cease operations by Saturday afternoon.

Sotetsu Railways

All Sotetsu Railways operations are scheduled to cease by 11am on October 12. According to their latest update, they might resume operations as late as Monday morning.


For all the above-mentioned companies, services will resume once authorities have assessed the damage of the typhoon. This might be as soon as Sunday afternoon or as late as Monday. For more information, please consult their respective websites or keep up with their social media accounts for their latest updates.

NHK provided a comprehensive and consistently updated article on all companies here (in Japanese).