Jewelry designer and artist Joji Kojima rose to prominence in 2009 when one of his pieces, an ornamental chainmail mask, was worn by Lady Gaga. Since then, Kojima has produced more works that straddle the border between jewelry, objet d’art, and conversation piece. And now he’s bringing his unique vision to Ginza for the opening of the “3[drei]” gallery.

In November, the Moderns Ginza event space and “3[drei]” will open together at Ginza Namiki-dori and delight guests with Kojima’s “Poison” exhibition. It will include some of the artist’s past works as well new bewitching pieces made especially for this showing, which will redefine the very meaning of “jewelry.” The exhibit will be divided into two parts, taking place between November 8 and 9 during the pre-opening of the “3[drei]” gallery, and then in earnest between November 12 and December 27.

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