by Elisabeth Lambert

Located on the Tokyu Toyoko and Oimachi lines, Jiyugaoka is a mix of flea market and high-fashion, bohemian and business, local and expat— sometimes all in the confines of one space! Whether you are exploring the streets or the long, thin shotengai (shopping arcade) just near the station’s main exit, you will be surrounded by an array of coffee houses, restaurants and bars, all in a mishmash of new and old. The lively streets are currently decorated in honor of the festive season, providing a wonderful atmosphere to have a Christmas beverage or two with friends.


Located just off Shirakaba Street, J.[Posh] adds kitsch, color and ‘posh’ to ordinary household goods and stationary items, perfect for unique holiday gift ideas. Knitted camera cases, hand painted coffee cups, sparkly dishwashing sponges, patterned sticky tape, character pencils, and animal-shaped toothbrush holders are just some of the items stocked in this overflowing store. My personal favorite? The Choculator, a calculator that is not only shaped like a block of chocolate but smells exactly like one too. Mmmmm…numbers!

2-11-16 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku
Tel: 03-5726-2501

Kyo No Sin

Hidden in a lane off Hilo Street lies this small eatery specializing in Hiroshima okonomiyaki (a Japanese pancake stuffed with seafood and vegetables). Open for lunchtime and dinner sessions, Kyo No Sin seats only 12 people at full capacity, with most of those seats at the counter! This cosy space is also very close to a number of bars in the same lane housed in the Senyo Building. With a well stocked bar, this is a good choice for starting a night out in Jiyugaoka.

2-14-2 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku
Tel: 03-3723-9600

Kyo No Sin

Nishimura Bunseido

A secondhand bookstore stocking titles in different languages is always a good find in Japan. Nishimura Bunseido’s range includes Japanese, English and German books. Novels, children’s books and coffee-table style hardbacks on a number of different topics are all on sale for a steal. Back editions of educational and fashion magazines such as National Geographic and Vogue are also available. Browse through to find your diamond in the rough, and then enjoy it at one of the nearby coffee shops.

2-11-8 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku
Tel: 03-3717-6848

Nishimura Bunseido

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