This summer, the “Cen Diversity Hotel & Café” will open its doors in Shinjuku. Billed as Japan’s first fully-inclusive hotel, the Cen will provide a safe space for all nationalities, religions, and sexual orientations in the capital.

The location of the new hotel is significant, as it will open in the Hyakunincho area of Shinjuku, which means “city of 100 people.” Not only has it inspired the name of the Cen (from the Latin “centum” – “100”), it also reflects the idea that the hotel will provide services to all kinds of people. That’s why the Cen’s staff will include minorities and members of the LGBT community. All hotel workers will also receive special sensitivity training.

The Cen will feature 44 rooms, priced at ¥12,000/night, and an open-terrace café for escaping the hustle and bustle of the city. The hotel is operated by the Residence Tokyo apartment management company.

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