Hygge up your home life to help find your igokochi at Kurashi no Katachi.

In a meeting of minds, design and culture, Kurashi no Katachi (“The Form of Living”) opened in August 2017 to give homage to understated luxury. The showroom, inside LIVING DESIGN CENTER OZONE, combines two previous exhibits – Nippon Form and Nordic Form – and introduces the best facets of Japanese and Nordic design, woven together seamlessly.

Harmony in Design

Both Japan and the Nordic countries have long traditions of treasuring furniture and other interior items, taking care of them so that they can be passed on to the next generation. Mixing the two may seem difficult, but the simplicity of design from both regions works surprisingly well – so well, in fact, that you may not know which item is originally from where. Here you’ll find wooden furniture by Børge Mogensen and Hans J. Wegner perfectly paired with Japanese traditional lacquerware items, or decorated with washi paper umbrella accessories and lanterns.

Kurashi no katachi store at living design center ozone

Hygge Meets Igokochi

Beyond the furniture itself, Kurashi no Katachi connects the Danish concept of hygge and the Japanese igokochi (“comfortable life”). These life philosophies may be similar, on the surface, but rather they complement each other, and have been used to create the ultimate comfort zone in our homes. By moving away from mindless consumerism and focusing on a few beautifully made products, you can “edit” your home life into a happier, more comfortable one. By using high quality tools, a craftsman can create better art. In the same way, expensive tableware can enhance the appearance of your food, in turn making it taste better – the same concept applies to furniture. Surround yourself in understated luxury to create a home environment you can truly feel at home in.

Kurashi no katachi store at living design center ozone

Tradition for Eternity

Everyone lives such different lifestyles – there is no right or wrong in interior design, as people are free to choose what works for them. By combining both Nordic and Japanese designs, as well as mixing and matching vintage and modern pieces, Kurashi no Katachi strives to meet the needs of people with a range of backgrounds and tastes. Even so, they can confidently give one piece of advice: choose items that will last generations. By this, they don’t simply mean a piece of furniture that is well made: instead, choose something that is high quality and has a simple design. Minimalist, understated elegance is always in style. This is where Nordic and Japanese designs excel – and Kurashi no Katachi boasts an exceptional selection of both in interior accessories and furniture.

Kurashi no katachi store at living design center ozone

Standard of the Future

Staff at Kurashi no Katachi choose each individual item in the showroom with the utmost care, following a policy of predicting “the standard of the future.” This means they strive to create a personal connection between the individual and their chosen furniture that goes beyond just liking the design. To do this, they gather vintage favorites and pair them with new, innovative designs to show how well they match and to help fuel customers’ imaginations for their own homes. Furniture should always have the possibility of being mended, allowing pieces to be lovingly used for a long time.

Kurashi no katachi store at living design center ozone

What’s on at Ozone

Two events to help you find the best way to create a cozy home this winter

Gift – Give a Gift to a Special Person or Indulge Yourself
As another year comes to an end, it’s a time to look back at the hardships we faced and the joy we received. Show gratitude to friends and family for their support by finding them the perfect gift. Or reward yourself for all you’ve accomplished by indulging with a little bit of luxury in your daily life. Kurashi no Katachi has curated an exclusive selection of presents for these purposes. Here you’ll find practical, beautifully made items, such as a high-quality wool blanket, and delicate “letter” lanterns made from washi paper that can be custom-designed (find the artist within and send a loved one a personal, hand-painted beacon of light for their home). Nov 30-Jan 5, Kurashi no Katachi, 5F OZONE

Classic Furniture Collection 2018
Discover the very best of the golden age of Scandinavian design in this vintage collection of 1950s and 1960s furniture. Kurashi no Katachi has curated an exclusive selection of furniture for the year to come. Over 160 items will be on display, including dining tables and nesting tables, cabinets and bookshelves, interior accessories such as candle holders, and more. There will also be an exclusive selection of Royal Copenhagen plates and cups available for purchase. Jan 25-Mar 13, Kurashi no Katachi, 5F OZONE


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