Have you ever wondered where that fabulous chair you saw at the Tokyo Art Fair was from or the iridescent lighting at the Tokyo Motor Show? Well, it may have been from IROCO Design, a company specializing in bringing stylish European furniture to the Asian market. In order to create an event or space that stands out, it’s prudent to go the extra mile and source fixtures that guests take notice of. Finding such individuality can be difficult. To avoid monotony, you may have to think outside the box.

The Rise of European Brands

Home interior stores with a Scandinavian aesthetic, such as IKEA and BoConcept, have exploded in popularity in recent years and so has the demand for sourcing furnishings from the heart of innovative European brands. IROCO is ready and waiting to answer this call from consumers in Japan.

Whether your interest is in renting or buying, you can find an almost limitless choice of tables, chairs, lighting, counters and even illuminated furniture designs through the IROCO Design catalog. Thousands of in-style designer pieces, from over 40 European and Japanese brands are available. Pedralli, True, New Standard, Plank, HAY and LaPalma to name a few.

“Architects, interior designers and hotels have not traditionally been able to access these brands in Japan,” says Ted Miller, President of IROCO Japan and CEO of Empire Entertainment Japan, but now, “IROCO Design will make that possible.”

The Start

Established in 2011 in Hong Kong, Alex Henrich and Sonia Jackson noticed the difficulties brands faced when sourcing large volumes of European products; the process was outdated, slow and expensive. Heeding the concerns of those around them, IROCO was born out of a desire to seamlessly bridge the gap between professional buyers and global design brands. Invigorating the market, they built a website where buyers could order what they wished without the bells and whistles of before.

Now, shoppers can be quoted within a day of their inquiry and receive as much information as needed to envision the final outcome. Technical drawings, 3-D renderings, high-res images and advice from design experts that speak six different languages. Architect, Interior designer or homeowner, they’ll be ready to integrate your space with your concept.

The Future

“As clients look for increasingly sophisticated design solutions, we are continually adding case study presentations to stimulate ideas, exploring the changing face of design in our blog posts, and adding new and exciting brands to the resource,” says Alex Henrich, IROCO Design’s Creative Director.

Take a look at their showroom in Tokyo for the latest designs on offer.

Visit their website for renters: irocodesign.co.jp and for buyers: iroco.com