Intersect by Lexus, the hip Aoyama space run by luxury car company Lexus, is offering guests a chance to try Gyokuro, some of Japan’s highest-quality green tea.

The tea, which is being offered for a limited time starting February 1, is carefully selected by Gyokuro tea master Shinya Yamaguchi from Hoshio Tea in Yame, Fukuoka. There are only 13 such Gyokuro tea masters in Japan.

The Gyokuro lineup offers three ways to enjoy the tea. Guests are able to choose tea from Yame-cha from Fukuoka or Uji-cha from Kyoto, which are brewed with several types of Japanese water varying in hardness.

The second way to enjoy Gyokuro is to eat tea leaves with rice and a pinch of matcha salt, which enhances the aroma and sweetness of the tea.

Finally, warm dumplings from Ginza’s popular traditional dessert shop Kazuya will be served with walnut milk and sprinkled with Gyokuro for a refined dessert.

Between February 1 and 14, in addition to the above selections, Intersect will feature matcha chocolate. This specialty of Hoshino Tea employs Yame matcha and the finest Belgian white chocolate.

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