For 20 years, Nippon Form has sought to provide ideal pieces that reflect the evolving lifestyles of modern society. Their selection of furniture and homewares retain the strengths of both traditional culture and innovative modernity, making for a collection that neatly unites functionality and style. Visitors to their showroom on the fifth floor of LIVING DESIGN CENTER OZONE will find practical items with a combination of Japanese and Western influences, harmonizing beautiful design and purpose. Here, we look at how Nippon Form can help to transform your home’s look and feel.

Showroom Strategy

The Nippon Form showroom gives visitors a complete idea of how an interior would look, while also allowing you to feel the texture of fabrics and wood surfaces firsthand. Though the showroom is compact, this makes it easier for those living in small spaces to imagine how to maximize said space. Knowledgeable staff are on call to advise on usage, storage and design options, as well as how to care for items to ensure they last for generations.

Minimalist But Functional Furniture

Create a calming space by filling your home with simple, practical pieces of furniture that don’t require a compromise on design. Natural wood furnishings offer a sturdy, traditional feel to contemporary construction, especially when combined with coarse fabrics. Taking Japan’s sometimes miniscule living areas into account, many sofas and chairs are crafted to either neatly fit into small spaces, or have a multi-functional purpose so as to make the most of a compact room.

Designer Items x Quality Craftsmanship

A unique addition to your home in form and function, as well as a dash of color can change your interior completely. Here, Nippon Form excels with an extensive selection of high-end interior products, including glassware, tableware, and even lighting fixtures. The Guinomi series of hand-cut shot glasses from Kamata Kiriko delivers a new perspective to a traditional craft. The glasses gleam with indigo accents and the curved patterns conjure up images of water and waves. Another one-of-a-kind item is the nanbu tetsubin cast-iron kettle, a craft with a history dating back hundreds of years. These sturdy items from Iwate require the utmost care to create, but will last generations. Their playful pop-inspired colors – including bright aquamarine and magenta – offer aesthetic charm for any interior.

One-of-a-Kind Gifts

Although furniture is a large part of Nippon Form’s selection, there are plenty of smaller home decor items and accessories to please both the eye and the wallet for the casual souvenir shopper. Furoshiki cloths are both practical and compact gift items that showcase contemporary patterns on traditional fabric. Chopsticks, lacquerware bowls, small porcelain accessories – a cornucopia of items are available to explore and enjoy, making this the place to find a one-of-a-kind, high-quality gift to take home.

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Few places emphasize the change of the seasons as much as Japan, and Nippon Form is no exception. The Prep Your Place for Summer Living event, which is on during regular opening hours at the showroom, promotes various ways to keep your home feeling naturally cool in the otherwise oppressive city summer heat. Wicker chairs and tables, woven rush accessories, bamboo baskets, wind chimes, and paper fans are just a few of the special seasonal items available during this limited time. Event ends August 6, 2017.

Photographs by Chris Mollison

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