The Tokyo Donnabar has recently updated their Grand Menu with a focus on seasonal ingredients that are going to be rotated daily. The highlights of the menu include a new lamb chop recipe and an overall “spring” theme.

The famous eatery, located conveniently right next to Tokyo Station, has long been known for their lamb chops made from shoulder racks, which have now been reborn with a seasonal twist. If you want to try them with a sparkling rosé or sakura sangria, you better act fast because both beverage options are only available during Japan’s cherry blossom season. Thankfully, Donnabar’s famous chimichurri sauce will remain available throughout the year.

The new spring menu will also feature, among other things, cold yellowtail and spring vegetable carpaccio, marinated artichoke with firefly squid, or Amaou strawberries with uncured ham. Visit the Donnabar today for an unforgettable, casual dining experience that blends the bar cultures of Japan, Latin America, and North America.

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