Starting July 20, railroad fans should definitely make their way to Joysound Shinagawa Konanguchi.

That’s when that branch of the popular karaoke chain will unveil two rooms that perfectly replicate the interior of a Keikyu train car—created under supervision of that railroad.

Railway karaoke is the latest karaoke craze, with 26 lines, including the Tobu Tojo and Tokyo Metro Marunouchi currently replicated in karaoke rooms across the city. In addition to standard karaoke lyrics, the screens are also set to display conductor’s announcements.

One of the rooms at Shinagawa Konanguchi replicates the view from the conductor’s seat, and contains a replica microphone and speaker like the ones used by rail staff. The other room looks like the view we’re all familiar with: the interior of a passenger car, complete with overhead rack and hanging straps.

For railroad fans, this is an experience not to be missed.

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