Japanese events typically operate under two themes: old meets new and East meets West. The latter usually means a plate of sushi with a side of fried potatoes. The former is easier to pull off in a country with a history that stretches back multiple millennia. Our first recommended outing for this week is fittingly an open-air viewing of the Robert Zemeckis ’80s masterpiece Back to the Future. From learning traditional Japanese dance to partying with Ibiza DJs to centennial celebrations, make this weekend one for the ages.

Shinagawa Open Theater Vol. 7: “Back to the Future”

Shinagawa’s dreamy outdoor cinema returns with a screening of the 1985 fantasy/sci fi classic Back to the Future. Pack a blanket and picnic, gather your friends, and head down to Shinagawa Season Terrace to relive some cinematic nostalgia with Marty McFly.



Asagaya Tanabata Festival

The length of Asagaya’s main shopping arcade will be covered with bright colorful streamers and papier-mâché decorations for this summer festival. Local groups and businesses build unique 3D creations promoting their wares or depicting favorite characters and celebrities. Expect matsuri crowds in the evening when youths in yukatas and lively local residents come out to enjoy the celebrations.



Edogawa Fireworks Festival 2018

Take in this spectacular festival, which opens by setting of 1,000 fireworks within five seconds from the riverbanks or a cruise ship. Crowds are expected, so get that yukata all tied up and arrive early for the best spot. Nearly as awe-inspiring is the Itabashi Fireworks Festival, which features a 700m-long “Niagara Falls” fireworks wall.


Design Festa Summer 2018

The summer edition of the International Art Event Design Festa boasts a wide variety of unique artworks and goods made by over 10,000 artists from all over the world and Japan. The live painting area allows visitors to see artists bring their works to life, right before your eyes.


Yulia Shur: Shurreal Tokyo

Photographer Yulia Shur shows her otherworldy images of Tokyo’s modern architectural landscape in a surreal mix of images dominated by stark lines and colors. Aiming to show a different perspective of the metropolis, Shur takes us on a journey to explore her unique view of Tokyo.


Takarazuka “Opera” Magazine 100th Anniversary

The Takarazuka Revue celebrates the 100th anniversary of its company magazine Opera with a special event at KITTE. The all-female musical theater group was founded in 1913 in Takarazuka, Hyogo Prefecture and became widely known for their lavish productions and spectacular cross-dressing performances. Due to their quickly amassed and devoted fanbase they were able to launch their own magazine, Opera, in 1918, a publication that continues to this day.


Rock in Japan Fes 2018

For the biggest J-pop and J-rock festival this summer, look no further than Rock in Japan Fes, which spans across four days over two weeks in Ibaraki. Kawaii pop princess Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Maximum the Hormone, and Superfly are just some of the major bands and artists in attendance for this epic event.


Temari Sushi & Japanese Pickles Workshop (+Sake Tasting)

Try your hand at preparing traditional Japanese foods under the guidance of an experienced, English-speaking instructor. Learn how to make colorful, and cute, temari sushi and a variety of pickled foods, an essential ingredient to balancing traditional Japanese meals. Come for the pickles, stick around for the sake tasting.


Obon Dance Festival

The Ota City Tour Guide Group is offering a unique opportunity for a free guided tour around historic Ikegami Honmonji, followed by a dance lesson in Bon Odori.


Summer Chill Sunset by José Paddila

Spend a wonderfully chilled evening at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel with José Padilla, the world famous Spanish resident DJ at the Cafe del Mar bar on the island of Ibiza, as well as many other big names including Hollywood actor Tadanobu Asano.