The recently-opened epulor in Nakameguro styles itself as an art and music café & bar but its so much more than that. While it is a great place to enjoy good music, admire beautiful art, and taste specialty coffee or delicious wine, epulor is closer to a modern, reimagined take on traditional Japanese tea-ceremony rooms.

Japanese tea ceremonies are an esthetic experience steeped in centuries of tradition where everything from the simple décor of the tea room to the refined movements of the host are meant to exemplify the very spirit of Japan. Epulor pays respects to those ideas with its minimalist design and a very straightforward approach to its music selection or menu. All the music at epulor is analog and sticks to the classics like jazz, rock, ambient etc. Same for its wine, which isn’t overly complicated and thus has a much broader appeal.

Epulor also includes a gallery corner where they host art exhibitions that anyone can enjoy and appreciate. Check it out today and see what it’s all about.

For more information, visit the PR TIMES (Japanese only).