Tokyo is warming up, and for some of us, that means the season to crack open a can of beer has finally arrived.

And as if the liquid alone weren’t well worth a purchase, starting this week, Sapporo is sweetening the deal for train fans with a series of collectable charms included with convenience-store bought cans of Ebisu.

The charms, which come attached to 350 and 500-milliliter cans of Ebisu (or Yebisu, as it’s sometimes spelled) and Ebisu Meister beers, replicate the logos affixed to classic Japanese limited express trains such as the Shiosai, Lilac, Tsubasa and White Arrow.

If those names ring a bell, you may be a certified tecchan, but even those among us who don’t know our Asamas from our Shinanos can still appreciate the nostalgic retro design of these charms.

There are a total of 18 separate designs (12 for Ebisu and 6 for Ebisu Meister), meaning true train geeks definitely have some drinking to do (responsibly, please!) before this promotion ends.

For more information, visit PR TIMES (Japanese only)