Core Jewels has always believed that you can do more with jewelry. They have proved as much when, after being founded in 2003, they rolled out a stylish accessory line incorporating black diamonds… and NFC. NFC stands for “Near-field communication,” which is used in electronics to connect two devices by simply bringing them close. By integrating this technology directly into their products, Core Jewels created jewelry that allowed its customers to better connect to their smart devices and social media sites, giving birth to one of the earliest examples of wearable tech mixed with high fashion.

One of their main inspirations was the modern, forward-leaning culture of Harajuku. You may even say that Harajuku is written into the company’s very DNA. That’s why when it came to choosing a location for Core Jewel’s first company store, they knew they had to open it where it all began. Core Jewels Harajuku opened its doors on December 1.

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