The first time I stumbled upon Baye McNeil’s blog was while searching for the keywords “Starbucks in Yokohama”. Little did I know that a scorching summer afternoon stranded in Yokohama would lead me to something a bit deeper than just coffee.

By Vivian Morelli

As I took a look at his blog, entitled Loco in Yokohama, I kept clicking through the different entries, and reading about topics that were seldom discussed in the blogging world, such as chikan (groping) and racism. His writing was honest, shocking, slightly controversial – a far cry from what was found on other Japan blogs at the time.

Since those early days, Baye McNeil (his nickname is Loco) has published a book titled “Hi, My Name is Loco and I’m a racist,” an acclaimed piece that created a few waves not only in Japan, but abroad as well. This memoir was based on McNeil’s own experiences in Japan, but also back in his New York City home. The book tells honest and engaging tales, providing a fascinating insight into life for non-Japanese of any race in modern Japan.

Never one to take a break, McNeil just released his second book, simply titled “Loco in Yokohama”, just like his blog moniker. This time around, he has penned the book based on his experiences as a teacher in Japan – just like many fellow English-speaking expatriates, McNeil has been working in the education field, and all those years have resulted in this funny, charming second effort. Once again straightforward, honest and hilarious, Loco in Yokohama is a series of anecdotes that reveal a lot about Japan, and also shows how much McNeil loves teaching (most of) his students.

The book is now available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other book sellers in e-book version, and the print version will be released on September 30, but if you wish to snag a signed copy of the book and meet the author in person, McNeil is hosting a launch party for Loco in Yokohama, complete with food, cocktails, prizes and of course a reading. Seats have sold out for the event, but spaces may open up if there are cancellations.

Loco in Yokohama by Baye McNeil – Book Launch Party

More information:

When: Thursday October 3, from 19:30

Where: Kimono Bar & Grill (see map)

How much: ¥4,000 (includes appetizers, two drink tickets, a copy of the book and chances to win prizes)

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