The 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo are still some time away but they are already having a profound impact on the capital. “TOKYO / JAPAN” is a collaborative project aiming to capture on film all the ways in which the Olympics have been influencing one of the biggest cities on the planet. September actually marks the final edition of this series, and to commemorate it, a special archive exhibition will be held at The Knot Tokyo in Shinjuku.

The photo exhibition will showcase 300 works of side-by-side comparisons of Tokyo before and after the city was chosen to host the Olympics. Through this series of photographs (chosen out of a collection of 3,000 pictures by 1,000 photographers), guests will be able to grasp just how much Tokyo has already changed even before the Olympic Games began. And with it, maybe they’ll come to realize that this is just what the city does. It always changes and evolves but, in the end, it remains itself. The exhibit ends on October 31.

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