Warmed sake, known in Japanese as atsukan, has long been popular during cold winters in Japan, but recently, it’s has attracted attention for its nutritional benefits, and for its great food pairings.

From now until February 14, The Café by Aman, near Tokyo Station, will hold an atsukan-themed night each Thursday.

Sake includes 20 times the number of amino acids as wine, and it’s thought to be good for the skin and promote anti-aging and blood circulation.

Jyo Takasaki, an atsukan specialist, has carefully warmed and selected seven kinds of sake to pair with casual French cuisine. He adjusts the temperatures precisely and even changes the pitcher’s material depending on the type of sake to achieve the ideal temperature. He’s also skilled at blending sake.

At Atsukan Night, selected sakes from around the country are arranged in a new style, and include strawberry-blended atsukan, atsukan with lime, and more. Each atsukan brings out the flavor of the authentic French dishes by chef Yasuyuki Owaku. Those dishes include salad with poached egg and shallot, Yonezawa pork pot-au-feu and more.

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