It’s no secret that Japanese people are strongly attracted to French culture, but it goes the other way around as well. Luckily, new association Bonjour Tokyo offers the chance to mingle—for French, Japanese, Francophiles and everyone in between.

Through an eclectic mix of regular events, Bonjour Tokyo wants to bring the French, Japanese and international communities together. Whether you’re a Francophile, a Japanese studying French or vice versa, a French tourist, or a member of the international community wanting to meet new people, Bonjour Tokyo might have something for you. Judging by the French culture fascination of the Japanese media, as well as the countless French-inspired sweets shops and bakeries peppered across the country, we have no doubts Bonjour Tokyo will be thriving.

Launched last July by Julien Tirode, Bonjour Tokyo has the straightforward goal of encouraging exchanges between French, Japanese and international communities in Tokyo, all done in a friendly environment. “I also wish to make a connection between France and Japan for those wanting to explore the beauty of those countries,” explains Tirode. With the help of some local friends, Tirode was able to launch Bonjour Tokyo earlier this year: “I am looking to work in a professional manner, and really pour myself into this project so people can have a good time.”

Bonjour Tokyo and its lively events are all about having fun: “I am reusing successful ideas from previous events I organized, but also integrating fresh ideas,” explains Tirode. Bonjour Tokyo also partnered up with travel agency “Autrement le Japon,” which means Tokyo locals can meet French travelers, in addition to the French that call Tokyo home.

Bonjour Tokyo launched in style a few weeks ago at Las Chicas in Omotesando, hosting an evening complete with more than 250 guests, belly dancers, magicians, henna tattoos, a DJ that fired up the dance floor, and high spirits throughout the night. Upcoming events include a swanky fête at the Hilton Hotel in Shinjuku, a Beaujolais wine tasting, a singles’ night at a swanky lounge in Ginza, a Halloween costume party, and monthly picnics in Yoyogi Park, gathering large crowds. As Tirode explains, “No matter how young Bonjour Tokyo currently is, I’m based in Tokyo and am doing everything I possibly can to throw events that people of the French-Japanese and international communities will remember.”

Bonjour Tokyo welcomes everyone—French, Francophile, learning French, wanting to travel to France or simply wanting to meet like-minded people in Tokyo—all nationalities can join the fun, no matter the language spoken.

Read more about the upcoming Halloween Cosplay Party, and find out more about their events on the official website:

Bonjour Tokyo