If you happened to tune in to our TW Together Instagram Live Lockdown Concert in May, you’ll know who was the clear favorite among our online audience. And when we met Noa Kazama in person at Hotel Emanon to photograph him for this issue, it was easy to understand why a certain demographic has fallen head over heels for him. The pop singer is soft-spoken, modest and earnest. He’s also strikingly good-looking, which doesn’t hurt when you’re trying to capture an online following – or posing casually on the floor with an amp under your arm and 10 onlookers staring at you. 

We chose Hotel Emanon in Shibuya as the shoot location for a few different reasons. Mainly, because it’s a beautiful space with plenty of variety in terms of decor and setting, from a stylish hotel lobby to a white studio with old-school barber chairs to rooms decked out to look like a surfer’s hangout. But also because it’s not really a hotel at all – it’s a restaurant, a café and a venue for photoshoots, weddings and other events (the lobby is just for show). 

“Hotel Emanon is a restaurant, a café and a venue for photoshoots, weddings and other events”

Opened in 2014 as a “lifestyle hub,” Hotel Emanon attracts daily visitors with a delicious menu of world cuisine. Offering both lunch and dinner, the restaurant – which takes up the venue’s first and second floors – is called Soul Kitchen and serves up anything from Wagyu roast beef to Matsuzaka pork loin. You can also pop by for something lighter in the afternoon, during their café hours, or just swing by for a takeout hand-drip coffee.


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While you’re there, take a peek at the floors above, just in case you’re planning a party or special event and are in need of an intimate yet spacious location. On that note, if there are wedding bells in your future, you might also want to scout out Maison Rose, one of the venues under the same group company.


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Situated a few blocks away, it operates under a similar concept just with a slightly more upmarket interior. You’re sure to love the tastefully decorated spaces, perfect for romantic occasions – and you can even rent your wedding dress here too. For everyday dining, visit their restaurant called The Rose, or tuck into decadent cupcakes at the tea shop. 

Who knows, you might even be lucky enough to run into your favorite pop star lounging around on a sofa while being photographed for a local mag.

About Hotel Emanon

Address: 7-1 Nanpeidaicho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. Map
Business hours: 11:30-23:00
Web: hotelemanon.com
SNS: hotelemanon.com | @hotelemanon | maisonrose.jp | @therose__official